* Correcting an old Permanent Make-up takes more time of the Artist and an additional 59€ will be calculated. Because of the previous pigmentation, multiple treatments may be required.

The initial treatment per area ranges from 299 up to 549 Euro depending on the chosen Technique and Artist. The Touchup is 150 Euro (within the first 8 weeks). In the agreed upon treatment prices are all necessary aftercare products included. Depending on how well your skintype's retention is, multiple touchups may be required in order to achieve the desired results. Je nach Hauttyp können innerhalb von 3 Monaten mehrere Nachbehandlungen erforderlich sein.

The customer has received detailed and detailed information from the studio about the specific dangers of pigmentation treatment. In particular, the customer was made aware of the following dangers: Injuries can occur during pigmentation, even if all due care is taken. Despite the most modern colors, allergic reactions can occur in individual cases. The customer is aware of this and is solely responsible for this. During and after pigmentation, slight swelling, redness and / or itching may temporarily occur. Experience has shown that these subside after a short time. Depending on the nature of the skin, after the initial work has healed, line guides with the wound encrustation can come off and the color strength can decrease or deepen depending on the color selected. Every skin is different and therefore absorbs color pigments differently. A guarantee of success for the treatment can therefore not be given. In the first few days, the permanent make-up is a lot stronger than the end result that has healed. Depending on the nature of the skin, color deviations must be expected. It may be that rework / s are necessary. The minimum and maximum durability of the pigmentation cannot be bindingly determined or guaranteed. Any follow-up treatment is only possible after 4 weeks, as long as the healing phase lasts. After this phase, the color development is complete, so that the complete and final degree of color is visible. A PMU is always a wound to the skin. Treat this carefully and gently so that it can heal without complications. Insufficient care of the healing skin can lead to qualitative losses of the PMU, which are not the responsibility of the studio. The customer is requested to observe the following in the next 14 days: The pigmentation must not come into contact with water, soap, cosmetics or the like and must not be touched with the fingers. Please only use the recommended products for follow-up care. The after-treatment cream may only be applied thinly and with a clean Q-tip. Before application, carefully dab the pigmentation area with a damp cotton pad. Please do not use any other wound, healing or aftercare products. These could cause infections or other complications. Solarium, swimming, sauna, sweating (sport) and excessive sunbathing are prohibited. The studio excludes any liability for incorrect or misunderstood follow-up care.

Do you suffer from the following illnesses or are you taking any of the following medications?

These data are subject to data protection and are treated with strict confidentiality. In the event of incorrect information, the studio and Artist assumes no liability for the Treatment. If one of the health questions applies to you, you can unfortunately NOT expect an optimal result / durability. Because these factors may interfere with the healing process of your pigmentation. You may have to reckon with additional Touch ups.

Complications and side effects

As with any treatment, there is a certain residual risk and therefore will be listed. Microblading and Permanent Make-up is a treatment in which a blade (several extremely thin needles) is pigmented with color into the skin. Therefore, in the rarest of cases, it can also lead to scarring or allergic reactions due to unknown diseases that are not previously mentioned by the customer.

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